Content Planning & Management

Alongside linkbuilding, content is one of the most important parts of an SEO campaign.

Content offers a unique advantage as it is one of the only things that a client is directly in control of (as opposed to linkbuilding, where multiple parties are involved).

Google’s algorithms have become increasingly complex, but what we do understand is that a large part of how they rank and understand sites is the content of the site.

Zupo helps clients ensure that they are creating content that helps Google understand what the site wants to rank for and to increase authority and rankability with that same content.

Data Backed Content IDeation

Zupo helps develop content topics for clients to develop on their site. Content discovered through this process is specifically developed to help a site increase its ranking. We utilize Google’s search database and features in order to find these content opportunities.  

Content Management

Developing content is simple in concept, yet difficult in execution. With increased content demands, clients can often be ill prepared to increase their content output, let alone manage a content publishing operation. Zupo assists in managing and deploying content publishing to help clients stay on track with their content and SEO efforts

Content Development

Zupo will also assist clients in developing content to assist the content efforts for clients. With an intimate understanding of SEO and content execution, Zupo is able to create efficient and effective content development systems on behalf of clients. This helps prevent any stalls or roadblocks that often can plague and hamper SEO efforts 

Content is the body of work that SEO campaigns are built off of.

In a collaborative effort with the client and Zupo, a content publishing operation is in place that will create a consistent, ongoing content development effort.

This creates a continually growing site that becomes stronger and stronger with every content piece developed, helping a site become more and more appealing for Google to rank.

Zupo Case Study

How we Tripled the Web Leads for a Video Marketing Agency

Zupo worked with a video marketing agency in Orange County to revitalize their SEO strategies, ultimately helping the agency achieve 3x web leads for the company. 

A Word From Some of Our SEO Fans

Sidney Karanja

CEO, Savostore

Zupo's understanding of SEO is amazing. They really understand what they are doing and help develop strategies revolving around our unique business.

Nick Leighton

Owner, TAB Socal

Since the partnership began, the rankings are significantly higher on Google. Zupo's modern tactics and smooth workflow has fostered a positive partnership. 

Spencer Shahidzadeh

President, Catalytic

I find their ability to start a foundation, maintain that foundation, then scale that foundation extremely impressive. Their holistic approach to the SEO space is what sets Zupo apart.

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