Technical SEO

Technical SEO by name is intimidating and can be difficult for many businesses to understand.

Many errors and issues in technical SEO can be over exaggerated or just outdated.

Zupo assists clients in ensuring that client websites are optimized for technical SEO while coordinating resources to optimize the most important technical SEO factors.

Pagespeed and SItespeed

Pagespeed has become an increasingly important factor for the rankability of a website. Low page speeds are not tolerated by Google because they create poor user experiences. Zupo helps measure page speed across the site for areas that need speed improvements


As sites become bigger and bigger, the ability for Google to crawl a site becomes harder and harder. Zupo helps ensure that as sites become more complex, that Google is able to read and index the site properly

Mobile Optimizations

With Mobile first indexing the performance of the mobile site has taken priority in terms of performance by Google. Zupo assists clients in ensuring that their sites are performing both for desktop and mobile considerations

Technical SEO implementations can cause wide scale site issues.

Zupo helps constantly monitor and implement the correct technical seo implementations to ensure that Google can correctly read, evaluate, index and rank the website.

Zupo Case Study

How we Tripled the Web Leads for a Video Marketing Agency

Zupo worked with a video marketing agency in Orange County to revitalize their SEO strategies, ultimately helping the agency achieve 3x web leads for the company. 

A Word From Some of Our SEO Fans

Sidney Karanja

CEO, Savostore

Zupo's understanding of SEO is amazing. They really understand what they are doing and help develop strategies revolving around our unique business.

Nick Leighton

Owner, TAB Socal

Since the partnership began, the rankings are significantly higher on Google. Zupo's modern tactics and smooth workflow has fostered a positive partnership. 

Spencer Shahidzadeh

President, Catalytic

I find their ability to start a foundation, maintain that foundation, then scale that foundation extremely impressive. Their holistic approach to the SEO space is what sets Zupo apart.

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