256% Lift in Organic Traffic  
for a Public Safety Startup

10-8 Systems

Public Safety Startup

10-8 Systems launched in 2019 with a mission is to transform computer aided dispatch software by offering the highest quality CAD solutions at an affordable price and enable those who protect and serve to be better equipped to save more lives.

Their system has been increasingly adopted across the country and even being used by FEMA during Hurricane Dorian to help dispatchers find survivors.

Building a Search Presence and an Organic Flow of Traffic from Scratch 

When 10-8 Systems came to Zupo, they had not yet started on any form of digital marketing. With many of their clients coming from the government and public sector, they were not interested in short term marketing strategies. They wanted to engage in marketing that would reap benefits and compound over the long term, explaining why they looked to do SEO first. 

This presented Zupo with the unique challenge of building up a website's search presence from scratch, with zero legacy or foundations to work off of. In addition, the industry that the company operated was one that prided itself on being old school. 

To jumpstart the SEO for 10-8 Systems, we had to lay the foundation and construct a strategy that would allow for a strong runway for the startup. 

Targeting Achievable High Growth  SEO Wins to Compound Results

Targeted Keyword Research

Where many SEO campaigns fail is having overly ambitious and naive SEO goals. The key to winning and seeing immediate results was having a strategy with reliable, incremental wins 

Developing SEO OptimizeD Content  

One of the advantages of operating in an old school industry is that the competition did not properly optimize their sites. By methodically creating content targeting our keywords, 10-8 Systems expedited results


To also drive links and strength to the website, we leveraged the innovative nature of the startup to acquire interviews and features of the startup and its founders which helped drive rankings. 


256% Increase in Organic Traffic and 177 Keywords on the 1st Page

256% Increase in Organic Traffic 📈 

Over a 3 year period, the SEO work we have done have helped 10-8 Systems improve it's incoming organic traffic by 256%

177 Keywords on the 1st Page (Client started with 1)  👀

Through all of our SEO success, we have been able to increase the number of keywords on the 1st page from 1 to 177!

Bryan Ruef

Cofounder of 10-8 Systems 

After speaking with 10+ options and consulting with some friends, we knew we needed to have a focus on SEO and become industry experts. We compared offerings apples-to-apples and asked for case studies to confirm their success. We narrowed it down to two but selected this vendor since he seemed to understand our perspective as founders. He was also less of a "consultant" and acted as a part of the team and nags us when we need to get things done. This is helpful to have another person that will hold us accountable.

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