1st Page Rankings and Increasing Sales by 300% for a Copywriting Agency


Copywriting Agency

Amplihigher is a copywriting agency of professional writers creating actionable content that boosts brands and increases search engine visibility.

Amplihigher has a collective 40+ years of experience providing businesses with SEO copywriting, captivating email campaigns, relevant blog posts, in-depth research pieces, and cost-per-click-reducing social media copy. 

Building Thought Leadership and

Search Presence for a Young Agency

At the time Amplihigher came to Zupo, the agency was a relatively young copywriting agency that had acquired business through its Google Advertising and Networking. The bread and butter of the agency came from working in the background for fellow marketing agencies.

This naturally created a gap in visibility because their work was often created to clients. However, after seeing the thought leadership work we had done for a mutual client, Sparkhouse, Amplihigher wanted to do the same.

Amplihigher began an ambitious program of Digital PR to start acquiring articles and to build their thought leadership. 

Implementing an Aggressive Digital PR Strategy

Developing Effective Copywriting Headlines

The key to an effective Digital PR campaign is to ensure that we present our clients as an attractive contributor to publications and identifying hot topics that people want to read

Targeted Links Back to the Amplihigher Website

Every article and its links were part of a larger SEO strategy that allowed us to send link equity to targeted pages that we knew could hit the 1st page of Google

Methodical Focus on Building Domain Authority

Amplihigher began with a weak Domain Authority and through our Digital PR the focus was to acquire articles that would give the site a large Domain Authority boost


1st Page Rank for Copywriting Agency and Increasing Sales by 300%

1st Page on Google for Copywriting Agency 👀

With the sheer volume of high quality articles that we were able to acquire for Amplihigher, we were able to push their rankings to the 1st page greatly increasing their inbound leads. 

Sales Revenue Increased by 300% 📈

Through the increased visibility driven by the Digital PR links and 1st page ranking, Amplihigher saw a 300% increase in their sales from 2020 to 2021. 

Liz Slyman

Owner and Senior Writer of Amplihigher

"Zupo's link building strategy has been game-changing. So much so that I've decided to have them do complete SEO for me. I am completely happy with ZUPO and I recommend them to every business owner I know." 

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