26% Increase in Revenue from Organic Traffic in 7 Months for FemTech Startups

Awkward Essentials

FemTech Startup 

Awkward Essentials is a brand that creates thoughtful, behind-the-bathroom-door solutions, best-known for their marquee product—the dripstick—that makes post-sex cleanup a piece of cake. 

As a trailblazer in the FemTech industry, Awkward Essentials tackles many awkward conversations that historically have not been seen as appropriate to talk about in day to day conversations. 

Their products, marketing and content aimed to help women tackle real issues that they dealt with, but never were able to find solutions before. 

Expanding Marketing Beyond Social and Paid for Awkward Essentials

Awkward Essentials in its first couple years of business had focuses solely on PR and Paid advertising. However, because of the nature of their product, in addition to growing limitations on paid advertising, Awkward Essentials wanted to diversify their marketing 

Because of the heavy success of past PR campaigns, Awkward Essentials ranked well for branded terms. However, they did not have any penetration in non branded or other keyword groups. 

Zupo was brought in to pilot an SEO campaign for Awkward Essentials who was operating in a nascent industry with no clear SEO path to take. 

Extensive Keyword Research Paired with Thought Leadership

Extensive Keyword research

The 1st step for Awkward Essentials was to find high volume search queries without stumbling into porn or adult performance related content.

Developing Guides and Content for SERPS

Once the right content was developed for the Savo Store website, Zupo assisted with a Digital PR campaign to drive links to the specific content

Thought leadership Campaign for Linkbuilding

To build links back to the content we developed, a thought leadership campaign was launched sharing the story and insights from the client. 


26% Increase in Revenue from Organic Traffic & 6X increase in 1st Page Keywords

26% Increase in Revenue from Organic Traffic in 6 Months 💸

After the 1st 6 months, Awkward Essentials saw revenue from Organic Traffic improve 26% YoY.  

6X Increase for Keywords on 1st Page  📈

In the 1st 6 months, Awkward Essentials blew open the doors on their search visibility, by having the number of keywords on the 1st page of Google jump 6X

Frances Tang

Captain Awkward and Founder

"The understanding alone has been a huge win for us. The biggest fear going into this was just not knowing what was going on. Hearing from so many other founders and companies who hired digital marketing or SEO companies and not really knowing what was going on was a big concern. They have really helped us truly understand SEO and now our marketing execution is closely tied with a strong understanding of SEO. Rankings are improving, we are getting more leads, exposure is great and everything is trending up."

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