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Hi, guys. And welcome to another addition to Zupo's SEO Talk and Tea. 

Today's conversation is, don't worry about the low-level links you acquire without your own doing. That's a mouthful, but essentially what I mean is a lot of websites will start getting low-level links without them doing anything. They'll just start acquiring them. They don't even know where they came from. I have talked to numerous people about this and I just want to say it's nothing to worry about. And let me explain in a little bit why.

Let's get some tea brew, because this is Zupo's SEO Talk and Tea. At a real quick glance, I just want to introduce the tea. We have a Darjeeling black tea, which is again, is from the black tea family. And if you want to know about black tea, you probably had it before. If you've ever had Boba milk tea or you've had English breakfast tea, they all generally came from the black tea family. But we got that brewing and let's get back to the topic.

So, why should you not worry about those low-level links? Number one. A lot of these low-levels links, though they can add to your site, add to your activity score, number one reason why you don't have to worry too much. Every website gets those low-level links. It is very common for every site to start getting them without anyone doing anything really in the company side. They're just going to start acquiring low-level links. So, it's not exclusive just to your site. So, you don't have to worry that only your site is being targeted. Now, there is a threshold. There are cases where sites will be a attacked by what we call a negative SEO, where someone with a malicious intent will purposely send a big load of negative SEO to a site to try and get it penalized. And that is a very real situation.

Now saying that, most of the time, it shouldn't be a worry for you. And so, when you're dealing with low-level links, I'd say, if your low-level links or your spammy links are under 10% to 15%, there's really nothing to worry about. And even if you're at 20 to 25, I wouldn't be like urgent just yet, but you still want to start monitoring it and trying to build out that link portfolio or do Disavow. But again, if the low-level links are only 10% or less, I wouldn't worry too much about it. And 15%, still. You know what I mean?

But the other thing I want to mention about, and this is what should really kind of make us feel a little bit more calm about this situation is that Google itself, from John Mueller, has said that they understand that websites get low-level and spammy links. They understand a lot of sites don't do it out of their own intent. And so, they understand that. And so, a lot of times they ignore those links. They say that they understand that it happens. As long as your link portfolio is diversified in the sense that like you're going out there and getting high quality of links, you will be fine. And they recognize that those low-level links will happen.

And so, the reason why this is important is because I find a lot of companies will spend a lot of time trying to disavow or get rid of these spammy links when they're not that really big of a deal. So, I'd say don't really waste your time on trying to remove the low-level links. Again, it changes though if your entire site is all of it. Then yeah, we got to start working on stuff. But I would say in my line of work and my experience, I have found very, very few occasions where I've ever found a site that had that big of a portfolio that was issue. So again, if you're 20% under, I think you're fine. And honestly, the best way to combat it if you're in that range is to start doing a link-building campaign that gets you high quality links. Because once you start doing that, the percentage will start getting lower. And if you are in a situation where you have a negative SEO attack, you can start doing a disavow campaign to help combat that as well.

So again, this video, it's not meant to be too long or anything. I just want to reaffirm and remind everyone those low-level links, nothing really too much to worry about and you don't have to go crazy about them. All right. So, hopefully that will help you in calming your mind and focusing on link building that's important instead of worrying about the low-level ones. Again, like I said, Google says not really to worry about them because they don't worry about them. So, if you guys found the video valuable, please like and subscribe. And I hope to see you guys again soon.

Thanks everybody.

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