May 3

EP 1: From Followers to Fanatics: Your Guide to Building High Performing Facebook Communities


In our 1st episode of the Tactical Marketing Podcast we talk to Frances Tang, Captain Awkward, CEO and Founder of Awkward Essentials. 


1. Creating and Nurturing a Facebook Community of Brand Enthusiast
2. The Pro's and Con's Developing an App for Brand Marketing Purposes
3. Handling your Brand's Haters: Dealing with Haters and Trolls

In this fun first episode we talk specifically about the highs and lows of brand marketing for a D2C startup. Awkward Essentials and Frances have gone through an entire lifetime of wins and hate that any company could learn from.

You'll walk away with lessons on how to build a strong fan base, but also the tools to deal with modern day trolls and haters.

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Frances Tang
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Jason Khoo
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