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Hi, guys, and welcome to another edition as Zupo's SCO Talk and Tea. 

Today's conversation is about driving links and not just driving links to your homepage. It's really important because I think when people are starting link building they overemphasize the homepage. Yes, that's a big part of link building, but you need to kind of be more versatile and branch out just a little bit more.

But again, this is Zupo's SCO Talk, and Tea, so I want to introduce the tea we have today. This was a gift from my friend Francis. When she was got married, she gifted this to me because she was gifted tea, and she doesn't really drink tea, so she thought that I might enjoy a little bit of it. So thank you again, Francis, for the tea. And this is actually the box that it came in, so it was very fancy. I appreciate the tea, and this video is a shout out for you.

So let's go ahead and jump on and to the conversation about driving links to your homepage. So the reason why this is kind of important is because when you're doing a lot of link building, yes, in the beginning you're going to drive a lot of links to your homepage because that's just what people normally do. When they talk about somebody or they want to link to them, they just usually go to the homepage and don't think much about it. But the reason why that's not the only way you should be doing link building is because if you're a modern business, you're probably trying to rank for multiple keywords, meanings so like your business probably does multiple business lines or multiple services or offers multiple products.

Your homepage can truly only be optimized really for a handful of keyword groups. It can't be optimized for everything. So the best way to understand this is if you're a business that, I'll use the pizza example, I always love using the pizza example. You sell pizza, but you probably if you sell pizza, you also sell breadsticks. Or you might also sell salads, or you might also sell pasta. Well, therefore that means your product offering's much wider. Now your homepage can be optimized for pizza, and maybe breadsticks, or something like that, but it really will only focus in on one keyword group. Because if you're properly optimizing, you're optimizing about one keyword group.

So on your website you probably have offerings of breadsticks, desserts or the pasta, and they'll probably be different product pages. So that's kind of why this is important because if your link building only link to your homepage, you're only driving links to the pizza side of the website. What you need to do is if you're trying to also rank for when someone's had some breadsticks or pasta, it's the product page that will be ranking on Google. Now if you drive links only to the homepage, those product pages will never really get the value of those links and the referring domains. Yes, they will on a secondary downstream way, because your homepage will get it and it'll trickle down. But the real strength for a website is that they can drive links to specific landing and product pages.

So in this example, again, if you're the pizza store, you need to drive links to the breadsticks and the pasta. So when you're going out there and you're trying to do link building, try to divvy up, when you're writing for other publications or your link building other people's websites, you need to try to not just do it on your homepage, do it to those product pages with those blog posts. Therefore the link spread is much wider. If you could just have all the links following from one place, it will move the needle, but only one keyword group.

So for example, for some of my clients when we're doing link building, we have the homepage, but we really never think about link building to the home page, because those we get organically. What we care about is, hey, for this company and we're trying to optimize for this service. And that might be, eCommerce website design, right? And so we have blog posts and a landing page specifically for that. And when we write for other publications, we discuss eCommerce topics, and then we link back, see eCommerce blog posts on our own site and it all organically happens where, we write about that, become a thought leader, we drive links to our own website that talk about eCommerce, and therefore strengthen eCommerce part of our website.

If you only drive links to the homepage, you don't really get to optimize for all the different products and services you might be offering. So when you're link building, yes, get them when you can, but you have to kind of think another layer on top of it. How can you drive links to other sections of the site, and what are those other sections? What are the priorities? And what are we going to do to optimize for that?

Good example, if you are trying to optimize for that eCommerce design, I've seen companies try to do it, and then you don't even have a page for eCommerce design, right? You need to start doing things where you're moving links to other pages, having the support on your own site, and then going out and trying to provide value in that realm. And that's how you optimize certain areas of your website to optimize and sell services or products that you might also offer beyond your main core group or even part of your core group that just have different keyword groups.

So again, what I want you to walk away with is link building isn't so straight forward as just going to the homepage. There is strategic value in driving links to certain parts of your website that are the most important to you at that time. Different companies will have different services and offerings that they're trying to emphasize at different times. Your link building strategy needs to follow suit. So again, not just the homepage, what are the business priority targets on the website.

So hopefully that was valuable. I think that kind of helps people and yourself better understand how to think of link building. It's not so straight forward. There's many nuances you can take. But if you thought this video was valuable, please like and subscribe. I'm going to go ahead and pour my tea out now, and go ahead and enjoy some hot Pu'Er tea on this hot day, but sometimes drinking hot is good on a hot day, but I digress. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video, like I said, and I hope to see you guys again soon. Thanks.

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