Is it worth Guest Posting on the Same Site More than Once


Hi guys, and welcome to another edition of Zupo's SEO Talk & Tea. 

Today's conversation - is it worth guest posting on a site more than once? I think this is an important conversation because I think a lot of people think that they know the answer, but actually we're going to discover that question a little bit and kind of talk through to see what the different purposes maybe for when you do want to and when you don't want to. But before we begin, this is Zupo's SEO Talk & Tea, so we're going to be introducing the tea we had today, which is a Pu'Er Tea I drink pretty heavily. I probably drink this every day. Every so often I will switch it out, but generally I drink it every day. It's a fermented tea, that's very strong, very dark liquid when it's brewed, so it is something that I could relate to black coffee a lot, even though, I must say, it does not taste anything like black coffee. It's more of the darkness and the power of drinking it.

I want to say power. It should be kick that you get when you're drinking it. But also let's go ahead and begin and start talking about SEO things. So, is it worth guest posting on a site more than once? Now, let's start with the understanding of referring domains. In one of my other videos I have talked about how referring domains is a very strong indicator of the growing profile for your SEO profile when it comes to link equity. People will talk about adding links. I more so talk about adding referring domains because adding referring domains, with each subsequent, new referring domain you add to your site there's more link equity in that. Because in the sense that, if you get a link from one domain and then you get a second link by the same domain, the power equity of each link on the same domain gets progressively weaker.

But every new link from each referring domain doesn't really have that problem because Google... And the philosophy behind this is that it's much more difficult to get one new, additional link from each new domain rather than get three links from the same domain. So, in that sense you might say, "Okay, then it's not worth guest posting on a site more than once," because like we've talked about each subsequent link gets weaker and weaker from that domain. Well, I even used to believe that, but now my theory has changed in the sense that we have to think of things a little bit more granular and more micro. There are some occasions where you're probably trying to rank multiple pages of your site. You're not just trying to rank one page. So, in that sense you might have a service page here, a product page there, a blog post here that you're trying to rank for.

And when you're doing link building, remember you have to link build to a specific URL. So in that sense, when you are linked in to a specific URL, that's great that you might be able to acquire a link to this one blog post from that one domain. But that link is only going to that one blog post. So most of the link equity is being passed to that blog post that you've just linked to, and yes, through internal linking, you might be able to pass on link equity through your internal links. But if you've ever gone very micro with your SEO, and you're starting to compete with other companies with their landing pages versus your landing pages or your blog whispers their blog posts, what you'll often do is some research where you'll say, "Hey, their page gets this many links and this many referring domains."

Now the domain as a whole gets this, but we're specifically looking at the page itself. So, in that case, if we get very micro and let's use an example. I have a pizza shop, a website, and a pizza shop, and I want you to rank for my sausage, pepperoni pizza page. We have the landing pages of our sausage, pepperoni pizza. That's the page, and we see on the top first page of Google the average website that's referring from the first page has 10 referring domains going to their sausage, pepperoni pizza page. And that may be why we're not ranking because we only have two referring domains coming in. So in that case, I don't see any problem with going to the same sites you've already guest posted for and trying to write a piece that talks about sausage pepperoni pizza and link build to that exact section of your website, therefore drive more referring domains and backlinks.

You can go back to the same sites and guest post for them and use the links for the same page, for different pages. It all depends on your resources. If you have new libraries and new websites coming up that want you to guest post for them, then, yeah. Go for the new ones. But you can always go for the same sites that have very strong SEO profiles and guest post multiple times, and then link back to different blog posts every single time to help spread and target the link equity to the pages you want. And that's where I would say it is with guest posting on a site more than once, especially if it has a strong SEO profile and two, if you can pass the link equity and links to different blog posts and sections of your website, therefore you're not only getting one link to one page. You can start getting multiple links to multiple pages that will ultimately help your site in a more targeted micro fashion.

So, this con this conversation is a little bit more complex. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or shoot us a question on our website. I'm going to go ahead and pour my tea out. It's so dark guys. If you saw it, it's so dark. I just have to comment on this. It looks exactly like black coffee. I'm going to pour my tea out. If you guys enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe, and I hope to see you guys again soon.

Thanks everybody.

Jason Khoo

Jason is founder and CEO of Zupo, which is an Orange County based SEO consulting agency helping construct powerful long term SEO strategies for our clients. Jason also enjoys multiple cups of tea a day, hiding away on weekends catching up on reading and rewatching The Simpsons for the 20th time.