Keyword Research & Strategy

Keyword research is the goal setting of any SEO campaign

When done wrong, it will make an entire SEO campaign off target and a waste of resources

Keyword Research can be quite nuanced as Google often updates their search results with new features and contexts

Zupo guides clients in order to help them identify keywords that are the right fit for them. Ones that they can actually compete in and will actually receive business.

When developing keyword strategies for clients, keyword strategies are developed along the following factors: 

Keyword Volume

The most common metric for keyword research, keywords are chosen that have the appropriate search volume for the client.

Keyword Relevance

The right keywords define the ultimate success of an SEO strategy. Zupo will work with you to define the best keyword targets and help monitor them and your site's rankings.


Keywords are chosen based on what the client wants to engage in. Keywords can be local in nature, some are not and there are those that are a hybrid. Keyword strategies are developed in accordance with if a local SEO strategy fits a clients goals.

Search Intent

Not all searches are created the same and inherently most users know this. There are many contexts to which a search result can deliver answers and Zupo assists clients in ensuring that their keyword strategy is suited to search results that will help deliver ROI and their end game.


Keyword strategy is also highly dependent on the difficulty in ranking for a particular keyword set. Zupo will assist clients in identifying keyword opportunities while filtering down keyword sets that may be too competitive or resource intensive. T

Keyword research is easy, yet many pitfalls and incorrect assumptions can be made.

When the wrong keyword strategy is in place, it will cause businesses to pursue goals that are just not relevant or meaningful to the business.

This wastes resources, time.


Zupo assists clients in ensuring that their investments in marketing and specifically search marketing, put them in place to compete for the achievable wins and search volume that will bring more leads to the business.

Zupo Case Study

How we Tripled the Web Leads for a Video Marketing Agency

Zupo worked with a video marketing agency in Orange County to revitalize their SEO strategies, ultimately helping the agency achieve 3x web leads for the company. 

A Word From Some of Our SEO Fans

Sidney Karanja

CEO, Savostore

Zupo's understanding of SEO is amazing. They really understand what they are doing and help develop strategies revolving around our unique business.

Nick Leighton

Owner, TAB Socal

Since the partnership began, the rankings are significantly higher on Google. Zupo's modern tactics and smooth workflow has fostered a positive partnership. 

Spencer Shahidzadeh

President, Catalytic

I find their ability to start a foundation, maintain that foundation, then scale that foundation extremely impressive. Their holistic approach to the SEO space is what sets Zupo apart.

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