2x in Conversion and 97% Increase in Organic Traffic for a $25M Product Lifecycle Management Engineering Firm


PLM Engineering Firm

Saratech helps companies develop better products by providing engineering expertise, services, software, and manufacturing solutions to improve product development experiences. 

The team at Saratech is focused on helping customers with accelerating product development and speeding up the time-to-market. 

Combining Deep Industry Expertise with Strong Fundamental On Site SEO for a Veteran Engineering Firm

When Saratech came to Zupo, the company did not have a strong web presence and was looking to expand their marketing efforts into search. The company had done well for years, being a platinum partner of Siemens, however they were reaching a ceiling and needed to expand their marketing and sales effort. 

Zupo helped Saratech focus in on their most important business functions and begin to develop an SEO strategy to match. 

Through a combination of deep industry knowledge and strong SEO fundamentals, Zupo has been able to revamp and expand the website to put Saratech on the 1st page for many of their most important keywords, products and services. 

Targeted Overhaul of Site Content and Optimizations

Keyword Research with Industry Insights

Uniting Zupo's extensive keyword research process with Saratech's ability to forecast future developments in the industry, keyword campaigns were developed to hit the market early. 

Page DeveLOPment for Keyword Targets

Every keyword group target necessitated content and pages that could hit the 1st page. Collaborating together Zupo worked with Saratech's Web team to roll these out. 

Targeted Optimizations and Internal Links 

Zupo implemented an internal link strategy coupled with on page optimizations to make the Saratech website better indexable by Google and clearer on its rankings potential


105% Increase in Conversions and 97% increase in Organic Traffic

203 Keywords on the 1st Page of Google (160+ Improvement) 👀

Zupo has helped Saratech has increased the number of keywords on the 1st page for Saratech by 5x now crossing the 200 mark. 

2X Increase in Web Leads 📈

The increase in organic traffic has directly led to an increase in web leads validating that the type of traffic we are driving are those that fit into Saratech's ideal customer. 

Spencer Shahidzadeh

Business Development & Marketing at Saratech 

"Zupo has been the catalyst to this company's SEO growth. We needed someone who could help not only lay the foundation for their website but help it grow in the heavily saturated market they are in."

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