1st Page Rankings and 48% Increased Organic Traffic  for an International Shipping Company

Savo Store

International Kenyan Shipping Company 

Savo Store is an African e-commerce and procurement platform designed to give Africans direct access to the wide variety of goods available in the US.

Through Savo Store customers can acquire products sold by any large US retailers such as Amazon.com, Walmart, and Macy’s, as well as products from small to medium-sized specialty goods stores across the US. We provide consumers and businesses in Africa with direct access to more than 600 million products available in the US marketplace.

Expanding  Marketing Beyond Social and Paid for Savo Store

Savo Store had been in business for a little over 5 years. Their revolutionary platform which allowed African and Kenyan consumers to purchase goods directly from the US had caught on in the young professional community in Kenya. 

The business relied heavily on its own social ads, in addition, to partnering with influencers on Instagram and YouTube. When COVID-19 caused the world to go into quarantine, Savo Store looked to capitalize on this increased move to online shopping. 

Therefore they teamed up with Zupo to help build their organic search traffic, which had up until this point, not been an area that any resources was being put into. 

Executing Targeted Content to Match SEO Intent

Developing COntent for the 1st Page

The 1st step for Savo Store's SEO strategy was to help identify and develop content that could hit the 1st page for high volume keywords

Targeted Links to the Savo Store Content

Once the right content was developed for the Savo Store website, Zupo assisted with a Digital PR campaign to drive links to the specific content

International Focus on Keywords

Because Savo Store operated both in the US and Kenya, our SEO implementation balanced both countries for rankings and optimizations


1st Page Rank for Amazon to Kenya and Increasing Org Traffic by 48%

1st Page on Google for Amazon to Kenya 👀

By identifying early on the opportunity in Amazon to Kenya, Zupo developed a content piece that could hit the 1st page. 

Organic Traffic Increased by 48% 📈

Through the increased visibility driven by 1st page rankings, Savo Store had increased in Organic Traffic by 48%. This was led by a huge push in Kenyan users accessing the site. 

Sidney Karanja

CEO and Founder of Savo Store

"Rankings are great, sales are great, leads are coming in. Our business has a much stronger understanding of SEO and now we know exactly what keyword topics and groupings that we should be focusing on. Our SEO continues to grow and the results."

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