SEO Rankings & Reporting

Effective SEO rankings and reporting is all about finding the right data that tells the right story.

Many tools exist that can provide data and updates that can often overwhelm and create more questions than answers.

Zupo helps clients cut through the data to ensure they are monitoring the right data that will lead to the best insights.

These insights help clients create actionable campaigns and strategies that will ultimately help create real results.

Rank Tracking

Alongside proper keyword research, rank tracking the correct keywords helps Zupo and clients ensure that their site is ranking for the keywords that mean the most to them. Fluctuations are a given and Zupo will help clients see through variability and fluctuations and focus on the patterns and ranking that really matter.

Competitor Tracking

In the SEO landscape, competitors can often be different from those we face day to day, since partners and customers can rank for the same keywords that your business seeks to. Monitoring the most formidable competitors and how they are ranked helps clients measure their own efforts. We create strategies to cover the gap between them and the client.  


Analytics are constantly monitored to help clients ensure that the efforts and resources placed into SEO are sending them back significant return and results. Analytics are monitored to take a holistic picture at the traffic going to the website and which are bringing conversions

SEO rankings and reporting offers businesses the data and insights they need to ensure that their efforts are bringing the return and the results they need.

In collaboration with the client and Zupo, SEO efforts are closely aligned in order for both parties to ensure that search marketing efforts are valuable and significant.

Zupo Case Study

How we Tripled the Web Leads for a Video Marketing Agency

Zupo worked with a video marketing agency in Orange County to revitalize their SEO strategies, ultimately helping the agency achieve 3x web leads for the company. 

A Word From Some of Our SEO Fans

Sidney Karanja

CEO, Savostore

Zupo's understanding of SEO is amazing. They really understand what they are doing and help develop strategies revolving around our unique business.

Nick Leighton

Owner, TAB Socal

Since the partnership began, the rankings are significantly higher on Google. Zupo's modern tactics and smooth workflow has fostered a positive partnership. 

Spencer Shahidzadeh

President, Catalytic

I find their ability to start a foundation, maintain that foundation, then scale that foundation extremely impressive. Their holistic approach to the SEO space is what sets Zupo apart.

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