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Case Study: Optimizing Sparkhouse for Video Production in Orange County

By Jason Khoo

February 29, 2020

case study

When Sparkhouse, a video production agency based out of Orange County realized their critical need to optimize its Search Engine presence they called on us our experienced and professional team at Zupo to help them out. Sparkhouse came to us boasting a strong network and a reputation as a well-known agency in the marketing and advertising community. For years they had relied on its networking capabilities and connections within the community to build their business, but they had been missing out on critical SEO opportunities. Zupo was brought in to assist Sparkhouse in understanding and implementing an effective SEO strategy to bring in more traffic to their current business.

Optimizing Sparkhouse for Orange County SEO Strategy

Due to Google's classification of video production searches as local intent searches, it became apparent to us rather quickly that Sparkhouse would have to develop and compete in an Orange County SEO Strategy. Our primary goal was to attain ranking for Sparkhouse for "Orange County video production" searches and its possible variants. Our team at Zupo wanted to see significantly improved performance for Sparkhouse in both Search Results and Google Map Pack.

An SEO Strategy for Sparkhouse


Once we determined Sparkhouse's need to focus on local intent searches we knew we would be engaging in an SEO strategy that revolved in and around Orange County. Citations and local listings were an essential part of the overall SEO strategy for Sparkhouse. Citations not only ensure that the information available across various internet sources is accurate and consistent is also works to give Google important signals of where a business is actually located.

Based on our research and analysis we discovered that Sparkhouse had a substantial amount of inaccurate information through various sources on the web. This was in large part due to a prior brand name as OC Creative Media used in its past business dealings as well as three different business addresses used over the years when Sparkhouse relocated to different office locations. Zupo worked hard to rectify all inaccuracies and correct all information related to Sparkhouse across the internet. In addition, we took the extra step of making sure to eliminate and delete any outdated and wholly inaccurate citations linked to the Sparkhouse business.

On-Site Markup

Sparkhouse is a successful and elite video production company with many years in business. However, the nature of Sparkhouse's business revolving around video puts them in a weak position when it comes to SEO. Unfortunately, Google has yet to perfect an algorithm that will read video in an efficient and accurate manner. In fact, video weighs very low when it comes to rankings in organic searches.  

While Sparkhouse's website was filled with amazing video there was little to no text in support of their media. Their website was overflowed with multimedia content that Google was unable to properly read, making the company virtually nonexistent in various search rankings. Zupo was able to identify this weakness in Sparkhouse's website and update and optimize their site with relevant and effective text-based content in combination with their video content to ensure that their overall content was optimized for Orange County searches. The Zupo team included the use of the "Orange County" term across the site in headers, titles, and SEO tags. The team properly implemented Orange County keywords throughout the SparkHouse website. In addition, we took the time to organize each different section of the website to flow smoothly and effectively. As a result of these changes, Sparkhouse's website began to rank quickly in searches for Orange County video production keywords and its variants.

Consolidating Local Orange County Links for Sparkhouse's Benefit

Due to Sparkhouse's well-regarded reputation and networking throughout their local community; they had a very valuable competitive advantage and SEO asset that we could implement into their overall SEO strategy.

Sparkhouse had extensive connections throughout the community having collaborated and worked with various other local companies, small businesses, and community organizations such as:

  • American Advertising Federation Orange County
  • AD2 Orange County
  • Forge 54
  • Ocean's Institute
  • OC Food Bank
  • Playworks Socal
  • Eva Drop – Orange County Startup
  • Kite Patch – Orange County Startup

Zupo used these valuable local connections and their involvement with each different organization to drive traffic through the implementation of local OrangeCounty links from all of these organizations into Sparkhouse. This identified connection between Sparkhouse and each company works as an Orange County Signal to Google. The implementation of these Orange County links helped signal to Google that Sparkhouse was not only located in Orange County but was also connected to various Orange Country organizations and websites related to this specific location through these connected links.

Sparkhouse's Successful SEO results

After the various changes integrated by Zupo into Sparkhouse's website and web presence; the company quickly achieved becoming the top-ranked site in many of the searches using "OC" or "Orange County" in combination with a variety of video production keywords. Sparkhouse also made a drastic turnaround in performance and dominated the Orange County Google Map Packs with their Google My Business Account. Since Zupo began its work with Zupo their Google Analytics Traffic has tripled in performance. More importantly Zupo's relevant business leads and incoming inquiries has tripled since working with Zupo.

The development of Local SEO requires unique strategies and tactics that differ from a typical SEO strategy that does not require the identification and implementation of geographic factors. Zupo's expertise and knowledge of Local SEO created a successful Orange County SEO strategy that boosted Sparkhouse's SEO in Orange County to dominance. Sparkhouse continues to see monthly growth and continual improvements in their SEO results leading to increases in traffic and a steady flow of leads.  

Sparkhouse's situation is not unique or rare. There are many successful businesses especially those in niche sectors such as video production that are surviving on networking and connections but are not reaching their full potential because of a lack of a fully functional website and strong web presence that could work to its benefit in building and growing their business.  

Jason Khoo

About the author

Jason is founder and CEO of Zupo, which is an Orange County based SEO consulting agency helping construct powerful long term SEO strategies for our clients. Jason also enjoys multiple cups of tea a day, hiding away on weekends catching up on reading and rewatching The Simpsons for the 20th time.

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