Doubling Revenue and Tripling Web Leads

for a Video Production agency


Video Production Company

Sparkhouse is a strategy-focused national video agency trying to outdo itself full of silly, seasoned, super-talented creatives who make award-winning videos that hit all of our clients’ goals.

Their clients include brands like:

  • Amazon
  • Honda
  • Forever 21
  • Capita One

Expanding Marketing Beyond Word of Mouth and Networking

For years, Sparkhouse had made a name for itself by getting involved in the community, partnering with other agencies and winning many awards. This had given Sparkhouse a strong brand reputation and a large network of businesses and partners they could rely on for business. 

However this pipeline for Sparkhouse relied heavily on the company’s own network and wanted to not only grow their leads, but also protect themselves from not truly owning leads when it came to agency partnerships.

The ultimate goal was to build a reliable, recurring pipeline of inbound leads that Sparkhouse could own.

Implementing a Local SEO and Thought Leadership Strategy

Local Orange County SEO Strategy

Through a concerted effort to build reviews, citations and on site local optimizations, our goal was to get Sparkhouse to be the top ranked OC video production company

Digital PR & Thought Leadership Campaign

Zupo helped construct and launch a Thought Leadership campaign that secured placements in Hubspot, Entrepreneur, Social Media Examiner and more

Video Production Content Library Build

The Sparkhouse site was filled with videos but contained little content, we focused on building up the content library of the site in order to beef up semantic SEO


Doubling Revenue and Tripling Web Leads

Total Sales Doubled in 2021 📈

Despite the COVID Lockdown and inability to meet in person, Sparkhouse was still able to double its sales in 2021 through the help of increased effort on Digital PR and nationalized keywords to help drive more traffic. 

Web Leads Tripled Year 2 🥳

Before collaborating, Google accounted for about 37% of all incoming web leads. By Year 2 of the Zupo engagement, Sparkhouse's total web leads tripled. In addition, Google accounted for 65% of all inbound leads. 

Torrey Tayenaka

Founder & CEO of Sparkhouse

"Zupo has enabled a rapid increase in traffic and earned links with a number of high-profile companies. Responsive and effective, their team offers weekly goals and detailed reports on a regular basis. They are overachievers for sure, they always go above and beyond to make sure our goals are achieved."

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