June 4


The first page of Google isn’t always 10 results

By Jason Khoo

June 4, 2020


Hi, guys. Welcome to another edition of Zupo's SEO Talk & Tea. 

Today's conversation is that the first page of Google isn't always ten results. I know that sounds weird, but I think something that most people are starting to realize. I just wanted to film a quick video to explain and reaffirm that, that is truly the case. Before we jump in, I want to introduce the tea we have today. We have the Magic Dragon Tea. It's a dragon fruit tea. It's really sweet.

I've had it before on this YouTube series. I just thought to have it again. I haven't had it in a while, so I thought to have it. I always giggle a bit with that name, the Magic Dragon. Not sure why. I was telling my girlfriend and people in my house about how funny the name is, and nobody laughed. I'm going to keep laughing at it, though. I just think it's hilarious. Let's go talking about the first page at Google and the ten results.

Historically, the first page of Google has always had ten results. That's kind of what everyone has understood. Over the last five, ten years, Google has really updated their Google search results to add a lot of new features. Some of these include the Google map pack, where they have the three businesses that you can see if you're typing in a local search. They have shopping results, now. They have a carousel of news articles.

There's a lot of different things that will now appear. Saying that, when you're doing SEO something that's really important is that when you're managing and measuring many keywords, a lot of times SEO campaigns are managing hundreds of keywords at one time. It's easy to think, "Okay. Let's just look up the numbers. Are we in the top ten?" I will always encourage you, what we have found, and we've done this with personal experience is that, there are key words that sometimes are not ten results on the first page.

Sometimes it's seven. The reason why that can happen ism sometimes the first result for Google is expanded so that the first website that appears has site links also included below it. There's one, two, three, four, five, six site links included. Sometimes there's a map. Sometimes it's a carousel. Each of those additional search features takes a spot away. What I would always encourage you is, when you're doing SEO short list the key words that mean the most to you.

Then do a live Google search to see how many search results on the first page, and what's going to take. I work with one of my clients. We have two keywords that we are particularly interested in ranking for. What we have found is that, the first ten results are not the first page. It's the first seven. We need to recalibrate our own SEO and our own reporting to understand the seven is the first page. Not ten.

That's really important in the sense that, if you think you're on the first page because you see ten or nine, sometimes it can be a juke or it can be a misnomer. You need to do the Google search yourself and ensure that it is actually the first page. On a wider scale, like I just said, short list keywords that mean the most to you. Then start Googling them to ensure that is it the first seven, the first eight, the first ten, the first five?

You never know what it's going to be. It can be always changing. What I would ensure is that, you don't need to do this for every keyword. I would say Google is still at a point where most of the time, it's the first ten. Out of the first page, but sometimes there will be search results are less than ten. It is very important and imperative for the keywords that mean the most to your company to check. For example, those two keywords, we constantly monitor the first seven because we know that's the seven.

Ensure you're doing that for the high volume keywords for yourself. Therefore, you have a more clearer picture if you truly are ranking on the first page of Google. This doesn't require too much in your conversation. It's more of just a reminder to you guys, but ensure that you're double checking to see that you know how many results are on the first page. Therefore, your rankings will be much more accurate. Hopefully, that will help you guys in your SEO strategies. If you guys found that valuable, please like and subscribe. I'm going to have my Magic Dragon tea. I hope to see you guys again soon. Thanks everybody. Ooh, sweet. Too sweet.

Jason Khoo

About the author

Jason is founder and CEO of Zupo, which is an Orange County based SEO consulting agency helping construct powerful long term SEO strategies for our clients. Jason also enjoys multiple cups of tea a day, hiding away on weekends catching up on reading and rewatching The Simpsons for the 20th time.

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