December 13

EP 11: The PPC Strategy Guide for New Products, Services and Startups


Michael loves to take a concept and turn it into a cash flow positive business. This has led him down a path of helping early stage startups which are “stuck,” or stumbled out of the gates, get on the right path. He specializes in taking companies from “zero to one” and has spent over a decade helping startups navigate growing pains in order to push into growth phase.

Michael also holds a Masters degree in Leadership and Org Change. He continues to serve as a panelist, mentor and occasional guest speaker/lecturer at his alma mater, Pepperdine University. He believes that long term success comes from fostering a culture that decreases fear and increases the value and equity in human capital.

In today's episode we talk about:

- The Mindset and Strategic Themes for Running a PPC Campaign for a Startup or New Business Initiative
- Specific Tactics or Strategies to Use for these types of campaigns Pitfalls and Mistakes You Often See In These Campaigns
- How to Approach and Ultimately Balance the Different Paid Channels

Mike has been a friend for years and someone I've truly respected in the digital marketing space and couldn't be happier to have on the podcast.


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