Use transcriptions to amplify your site’s content


Hi, guys, and welcome to another edition of Zupo SEO Talk & Tea. 

Today's conversation, using transcriptions to amplify your site's content. This is something that I'm surprised I actually haven't filmed a video about before. I wanted to film a video once I realized we never talked about this topic. It's also kind of very meta because transcriptions and videos, if you're watching this video on my website,, then you'll see that the transcription is right below the video, right? This is something that we already do.

But before we begin, I want to introduce the tea we have today. Today we have a roasted oolong tea that was gifted to my father by our. .. I don't know how you say it, but it's our ancestral family line from China. My family has been removed from China for about seven generations. My family has lived in Malaysia for six generations, and I'm the first generation in the U.S. So it's been about seven generations in my family line since we've been in China. But my dad wanted to go back and reconnect with our family line, and they gifted him some tea. And it's some great tea to be honest, so thank you to the Khoo family in China for gifting us this. I don't think you'll ever watch this video, but please know that I appreciate it very much.

Well, let's go ahead and get brewing and get chatting. Talking about transcriptions, one of the hardest things, I think, for a lot of websites is getting content out. No matter your size of the company, whether you're a one or two-person startup to a big corporation with different marketing departments and all that stuff, I have found that content is the most teeth-pulling exercise for many firms. A lot of people have a hard time getting content out. Everyone says that they'd be willing to contribute a blog post and it doesn't really ever happen. And I'm not wanting to complain. This is just the reality. Content is difficult to get out if you don't have a committed budget and a staff on hand who can be writing content. And even when you do have content writers on staff, they're often pulled in so many different directions that they often can't always get to the SEO side of things, right?

So, but what I want to talk about is using transcriptions. Video marketing is becoming such a big area of marketing. And this has been going on for a while. A lot of companies have been investing more and more into video. Video has always been, and I won't even say it's the future, I want to just say it's the present right? Video is an accepted medium of marketing that all consumers kind of really like. You see the prominence of video on Facebook, Instagram, on YouTube. And even you're watching this video right now, right? So there's video is becoming more and more accepted. And I feel like what a lot of people can do is if your firm has committed to making videos or even a webinars, right? Just anything.

What I want to clarify as video does not have to be something that's heavily produced. Even in this format, it can be a webinar. It could be a video talk where you have someone come on a Zoom call and you guys are just talking and recording the conversation. And the end of the day, any video format is a great opportunity to create transcriptions to amplify your content.

When it comes to writing content, a lot of people have a hard time just sitting down and writing anything. What I recommend to my clients is, okay, well, if you have video resources or you're doing what these webinars or video kind of talks, why don't we just transcribe the content? Because honestly in these videos, you normally are speaking about very keyword rich topics. You already are talking for a while. And I believe about five minutes of a video talking is about 750 words. I might be wrong, but it's generally more words than you would think.

And so a lot of us talk a little bit faster than we can write or we can read, right? Therefore, transcribing video is a great way to amplify our content. For Zupa, we film about five or six videos a week, and then we go ahead and we transcribe them. And the four or five videos essentially equates to about five to seven written blog posts. And therefore it's like, we're adding five to seven blog posts a week. And most firms, they're lucky if they get one or two blog posts out a month, right? So at the end of the day, they, as in transcriptions, can be a great way to fast track your way into getting more content on the website.

Now, of course, transcriptions cannot be the only way you get content on your site, but it can be a huge pillar or crutch for your company. If you are unable to get content out quicker, transcriptions can be a fast way to get that content out and get you on your way to kind of build your site's SEO and content much quicker. Right?

So my firm does this. If you're watching this on the website, you can see the transcription below. I'd encourage you, use videos and transcriptions really closely. They really help your SEO, especially if you're already taking the time to film the video, upload it. You might as well transcribe it, get all the value out of the video that you possibly can, right? So hopefully that will help you in your own content rollout. This is something that we do heavily. I advise a lot of my clients to do the same thing. If you guys found the video valuable, please like, and subscribe. And I hope to see you guys again soon.

Thanks everybody.

Jason Khoo

Jason is founder and CEO of Zupo, which is an Orange County based SEO consulting agency helping construct powerful long term SEO strategies for our clients. Jason also enjoys multiple cups of tea a day, hiding away on weekends catching up on reading and rewatching The Simpsons for the 20th time.