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Hi, guys, and welcome to another edition of Zupo's SEO Talk and Tea. 

Today's conversation, what is the difference between video SEO and YouTube SEO? This is important conversation because video is becoming a bigger and bigger player in the marketing industry, and video is becoming bigger and bigger. There's a lot of talk about making sure that people can see your YouTube videos and how can people find your videos at all. So, there's two terms I have come up is YouTube SEO and video SEO. Today we're going to talk about what the differences are and how to best understand them.

Before we begin, I want to brew some tea because this is Zupo's SEO Talk and Tea. Today we have a Long Jing green tea. This is from the brand Mei Leaf out of the UK. Green tea is always a great drink when things are really hot. You can see the sun beating down. It's brewed at a lower temperature so I tend to like it when it gets pretty hot. But let's go ahead. I got this brewing, and let's go ahead and get chatting.

What is the difference between YouTube and video SEO? I think a lot of people use YouTube and video SEO synonymously, but that's actually an incorrect way of communicating because it gets really confusing. And I say that being someone who, I hate academic definitions. I don't like stifling language that's very matter of fact. But I think in this case, using both synonymously and entertainingly, it's really confusing. And what I mean by that is, for example, YouTube SEO is very obvious. I'm a just start there. YouTube SEO is very straightforward, obvious. It's SEO when it comes to YouTube. You're trying to get your videos on YouTube seen, right, so you're trying to make sure that when someone is on YouTube that they can find your videos whether they're searching or they see it in the related videos. That's YouTube SEO.

Now, let's hop over to video SEO. Video SEO is a term that I think a lot of people use when they're thinking about YouTube SEO, but video SEO is not YouTube SEO, so let's slow down here. YouTube SEO is SEO for your videos on YouTube. Video SEO is SEO for your videos on Google Search. That is the delineation. So, when I say video SEO, I'm talking about getting videos ranked on Google. When I talk about YouTube SEO, it's about ranking videos on YouTube, and that's the main difference. Google and YouTube are two different search engine platforms. Now I know they're owned by the same company, Alphabet, but they are two different search platforms. And another reason why it is really important to understand they're two different terminologies is because also YouTube SEO and Google, I mean, sorry, YouTube SEO and video SEO have very different methodologies and ways of optimization.

YouTube SEO has its own algorithm, own studies, own data to get videos ranked. Video SEO, which, again, is videos on Google, has shown that there is almost a zero correlation with whatever is at the top ranked videos on YouTube does not usually correlate with what is the top ranked videos on Google. So, therefore, YouTube SEO, not only is it different from video SEO in that YouTube SEO is only about YouTube video, SEO is only about Google. The two also have very differing strategies and methodologies that you need to use in order to rank. That's why it's so important when you're communicating with someone, "You are talking about video SEO. Are you talking about Google or are you talking about YouTube?" And more often than not, nine times out of 10, when I'm talking to an individual who may be interested in video SEO, they're actually interested in YouTube SEO and not Google.

I wanted to film this video. And, again, I hate being someone who's trying to correct everybody about the proper dictionary definition, but I want to film this video just to help clarify communication with everybody is that YouTube SEO is only about YouTube and video SEO is about Google. Therefore, when you're communicating with a professional or your peers, or you're just trying to figure things out, you know that you're talking about the platform you really care about. Is it YouTube? Is it Google? Is it both? And so on and so forth.

This video is pretty [inaudible 00:04:05] so it's pretty short, but I hope that this helped clarify the difference or what is YouTube SEO versus what is video SEO. If you guys have any questions, please feel free to let me know. We have a great video SEO guide on our website. It's a video SEO guide that has a lot of statistics and data about how to rank and about how important video and YouTube SEO is. But if you guys enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe, and I hope to see you guys again soon.

Thanks, everybody.

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