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What to do when Google is going through an Algorithm Update


Hi guys, and welcome to another edition of the Zupo SEO Talk & Tea. 

Today's conversation is about what to do if Google went through an algorithm update and probably what to do, if you got affected button algorithm update. But before we jump on in, it is a long conversation, I wanted to go over the tea we're having today, which is a green tea. This is one of the ones we've had before. It is a little bit unique for a green tea. A lot of traditional green teas have a slight bittery... The only way I can put it as green tea tastes. This one has a little bit of a unique flavor too, as well as a little bit of sweetness. And so it is something I like to have when I want to change up my green tea routine. But let's jump on and into the conversation.

So what to do you have, Google is having an algorithm update. So in another video I talked about what happens if Google goes through an algorithm update, how to check. Let's say you've confirmed, they're going through that algorithm update, what to do. Well, first things first, check your websites. Make sure I checked the rankings. I would say that's when you can start shaking your ranking on a daily level, see if your rankings have been affected. Now, if your rankings have not been affected, I wouldn't really do much. I would just kind of be happy, be grateful that your site was unaffected. But then second also just make sure you're staying on top of what happened in the algorithm update, and if there's any new nuggets of information SEO wise, you should take advantage of.

But more importantly, let's say you have been affected. And the thing that's what most viewers right now care about is if you're watching this video, maybe you've been affected by the algorithm update. So, I can't say what exactly to do because it depends on the algorithm update and there's many algorithm updates that happen. And so the best thing I can say is what I have done as an SEO during algorithm updates where I don't know what the hell is going on because I have had sites affected by algorithm updates. So my advice is that when you through the algorithm updates, stay calm, communicate with your team that algorithm update is happening and that we need to be flexible, nimble, and adjust our resources. So in that sense, what you have to do is stay on top of SEO news at that time. When Google rolls out an algorithm update, they will not say what the algorithm update typically is or if they do, it's pretty vague.

So what that means for you is that when you're kind of like going through the album update and your site has been affected, there is a lot of speculation that happens and you have to be really careful about the speculation. But what I will say, there's a lot of people out there who are influencers, who control many sites and they will see certain patterns and things, and they will come up with their hypothesis of what is happening. I generally, as an SEO consultant, read them very closely so I can try to co create my own reasoning and hypothesis for why our site might be affected. What I also do is go look at all the sites that are ranking and measure and look at what they might have that we don't have, or what is the reason that they might be ranking, right?

So, when an algorithm update happens. What I would say is, do a lot of homework quickly. Read a lot, go find all the influencers, go on search engine roundtables, see what everybody is saying. And then second, what I'd also do then is start really analyzing the sites that have been affected and then the competition that has been replacing them. Really analyze everything and then get your teams ready. You may need to bolster up on content. You may need to delete a lot of content. You may need to do a lot of link building, or you may need to remove a lot of link building. The possibilities are endless in terms of what you might need to do, but the problem is what a lot of people may try to do is when it comes to responding to an algorithm update, they move too slowly.

Recovering from an algorithm update takes a long time. The fastest I have gotten a site recovered from an algorithm update is about three or four months. I think that three to four months. And that was a lot of late nights for me, right? So what I would do is make sure your team knows what's going on and that everybody understands what the goal is to try to get the rings back up. And it will not happen overnight, but we need to move quickly or we don't want this thing to never come back, right? So what I would say is the two most important things, when it comes to responding to algorithm updates, one, make sure you're reading as much as you can from highly trusted sources. So don't go too much on the forums and listen to everybody. I would kind of take their advice, read them, but also really hedge your information from the thought leaders that exists out there.

And then second, and there's isn't many of them. There's like Marie Haynes. I think there's one called... his name is Glen Gabe, I've I've read a lot of his stuff. Search Engine Roundtable always has some good information. And then second of course, make sure your resources are ready. This is not the time to be slow. This is not the time to be like, "Oh, there might be a better time." This is the time we need to recover. We need to work on our SEO. Make sure that this algorithm update, even though we're not sure what's going on, as we learn more, we can respond quickly. I'm not giving you, unfortunately, very specific things you can do, but what I want to give you is a thought, a way of thinking or way of operating when this stuff happens. I've been through it many times, and I can tell you what has worked for me in the sense of, how I've gotten my teams and my clients altogether, ready to respond.

Algorithm updates are not something where you've done everything right, so you're fine. Algorithm updates can hurt innocent sites where they're just adjusting their algorithm just a little bit and you just happen to be innocent bystanders. There's no malice or evil assigned to that. It's just the normal thing that happens. Sometimes that Google wants to revitalize their search results. And sometimes a certain site is deemed not part of the optimization. And therefore it's not about what you've done right or wrong. It's just about responding to these new changes, right?

So hopefully that will help you if you're going through an algorithm update. And actually at the filming of this, I think there is an algorithm update happening. I was checking the last couple of days and the meters are going crazy. If you're going through and watching this, I hope this helps in terms of operations. And then, like I said, hit the ground running. Make sure you read a lot and you can respond quickly. If you guys found that valuable, and if you liked the video, please like, and subscribe. I'm going to enjoy my green tea for the day. And I hope to see you guys again soon. Thank you.

Jason Khoo

Jason is founder and CEO of Zupo, which is an Orange County based SEO consulting agency helping construct powerful long term SEO strategies for our clients. Jason also enjoys multiple cups of tea a day, hiding away on weekends catching up on reading and rewatching The Simpsons for the 20th time.