When Optimizing for a Keyword, You can Move in Stages


Hi guys, and welcome to another edition of Zupo SEO Talk & Tea. 

Today's conversation, when optimizing for a keyword, you can move in stages. The reason why that is important is because when a lot of people are doing marketing or any SEO campaign, what I often find is that people will delay their efforts until everything is done. Whether it be a website, landing page, whatever might be the case. A lot of people wait until everything's done, and that doesn't necessarily need to happen for SEO, and to be honest, in most cases any campaign. But, we'll go into more detail in a second.

I want to introduce the tea we have today. Today we have the Pu'Er Tea. I have this on the show quite a lot. I drink this every day, as you guys can tell, from the container. I'm actually running a little low, but luckily I have another one. I like to have his tea a lot. I have it pretty much almost every single day. I like to have it on this show too, so you guys can see it and enjoy it as well. Again, Pu'Er Tea is a fermented tea. It's the closest thing you're going to get to a black coffee. But let's get brewing and get chatting.

The reason why this is important is because I work on a lot of SEO campaigns on behalf of clients. And what I often can find is that there is this habit that a lot of companies have, is they don't want to engage in any campaigns until something is 100% complete. And I understand the sentiment in the sense, it makes sense. If you're going to run a marketing campaign, you want to make sure that if people are going to see something, like a landing page or a website, that it properly displays and represents your firm. And if the site or landing page looks sloppy, customers may not have a good impression of you.

Now, when it strictly comes to SEO, it can be a little different. In SEO, it can take anywhere from six months to two years to rank a page. Therefore, you don't really need to wait for pages to finish because it's going to take six months or longer for that page to rank. What I often try to tell clients is, do not delay your SEO efforts of making content link building, just to finish a page or a website. Websites and landing pages can tend to always have delays. New things come up, revisions, changes. It doesn't matter who's fault they are. Sometimes it's client-side, they want to make revisions. Sometimes the development team, they didn't realize there's an obstacle on this technology or integration. Things are going to happen.

And what I often find is when companies wait until the site is done, everyone loses because they're frustrated at the development company. They're frustrated because they want things to be perfect. And then they're frustrated at the marketing company or my own company, because everything's delayed. What I often tell people and my clients is, we don't need to have everything done. We can start the SEO as long as some of the baselines are met. And usually what I say is, "Hey, the baseline is ... It doesn't have to look like the most slick thing in the world. We can just have an image and text on a page and we can start from there." And so, when it comes to SEO, I would encourage you, move in phases. Even if everything is not done, you can still move.

Is only half your site done? Then publish only half your site and work on half your site on that link building and content build. Or, can we get at least a landing page up? If the site's not ready yet. There are many different phases and options that we can run on, but I think the most important thing is don't wait until everything's done. Because you guys know, when it comes to writing essays or developing anything, it just can take a really long time and everything can delay. So especially when it comes to SEO, use that timeframe, that longterm timeframe to your advantage. You know you're not going to rank for six months to a year, so everything doesn't have to look the prettiest right from the jump. You can take the time to build it over time in those six months to a year.

And then by the time you rank on the first page, you would have everything done, right? That's the way that I like to run. I think a lot of people flip it on its head. We're not going to try [inaudible 00:03:52] the page until the page is perfectly designed and everything is to a T done. I go the opposite route. Let's do the minimum viable that we need. Let's get the page. Does it look adequate? Yeah. Does it look perfect? No, but why don't we worry about the design and how it looks to people once it gets to the first page when we actually get traffic.

I think there's a lot of wasted effort in the internet world on pages that no one ever looks at. I just think that let's worry about it when it gets there. So today's conversation was more operational, but I find that if you can adopt this kind of mindset with your own company and with your own projects or with your own clients, it will vastly help move things along. Because the worst thing in a project is when things stagnate. So hopefully that will help you in getting things moved along. But I'm going to go ahead and leave it there. I'm going to pour my tea out. If you guys found the video valuable, please like and subscribe. And I hope to see you guys again soon. Thanks, everybody.

It's hot.

Jason Khoo

Jason is founder and CEO of Zupo, which is an Orange County based SEO consulting agency helping construct powerful long term SEO strategies for our clients. Jason also enjoys multiple cups of tea a day, hiding away on weekends catching up on reading and rewatching The Simpsons for the 20th time.