August 15

EP 7: How to Control Your Brand’s Reputation on Google with Named Entities and Market Cohorts


In this episode of the Tactical Marketing Podcast we talk to Jason Barnard, commonly known as The Brand SERP Guy.

It is safe to say that Jason is the leading thought leader on Brand SERPS. He literally coined the term. In the SEO industry, he is the go to resource in understanding how to trigger and claim knowledge panels.

In our conversation, we talk specifically about understanding the concept of entities so that marketing teams can not only properly plan and trigger knowledge panels, but more importantly to ensure they defend their brands on Google.

1. What is an Entity in Google's Eyes and Understanding the Different Levels of Entities
2. Explaining how to Understand and Optimize Entities in Google
3. Strategies and Tips to Building a Moat for your Branded Search
4. The 3 Step Common Sense (idiot proof) Approach to Preparing for the Future of SEO (SGE)

Jason is is the founder and CEO of Kalicube, a groundbreaking digital marketing agency and accompanying SaaS platform that helps clients enhance their Brand SERPs and develop their Knowledge Panels.

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