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SearCH Engine Optimization

Rank on the top of Google results through our market driven search engine optimization consulting approach to finding the best opportunities for your business. 


New age PR services that help clients secure articles in leading industry publications. You don't pay unless we get you published. If the article doesn't get accepted you don't pay. 

Content Development

Instead of brainstorming on whiteboards and post its, we use hard nosed data to drive the content we develop for your site. We take care of ideation, drafting and content writing. 

About Zupo

Zupo is a SEO consulting agency helping construct powerful long term SEO strategies for our clients. We have helped businesses all across the US and we have worked with many clients in Huntington Beach.

Huntington Beach's level of business continues to grow and over the years we have worked with more and more businesses. These range from large e-commerce sites to small mom and pop shops. 

SEO Clients in Huntington Beach

"Rankings are great, sales are great, leads are coming in. Our business has a much stronger understanding of SEO and now we know exactly what keyword topics and groupings that we should be focusing on. Our SEO continues to grow and the results."


Sidney Karanja 

Community Work in Huntington Beach

Forge 54 in Huntington Beach

Members of Zupo collaborated with Forge 54 to provide 54 hours of creative and strategic services to the non profit Ocean's Institute. Forge 54 is an annual skilled giving event hosted by a variety of agencies in Orange County. Zupo provided assisted in the strategy team, coordinating the efforts of the design, copy, web and social media team. 

The 54 hour event was held at the Innocean offices in Huntington Beach. In the final hour an entire year long marketing strategy was delivered to the Non Profit. 

Case Study

See How We Improved Sparkhouse's Web Leads by 182%

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