Sip Some Tea & Learn Some SEO

Welcome everybody to the video of a series we like to call, the Zupo SEO Talk and Tea. 

The point of the video series is pretty much to talk SEO, discuss SEO strategies, clear commonly asked questions about SEO that we get asked all the time. But of course to have fun with it. We have this whole ski site here, we want to enjoy tea while talking about SEO. That's why we call it SEO Talk and Tea. So for every video in this series we'll be talking about an SEO conversation, concept or question. And then we're going to also be enjoying a different tea with a cool teapot on every video.

So you're going to have some SEO education but also enjoy some tea with us. So if you're watching with us, I'd always encourage you brew some coffee or a better yet actually some tea because we're having tea here. Get to enjoy some tea with us, learn some SEO and just generally have some fun. So I hope you guys enjoy the videos, like this video, subscribe to our channel and hopefully these videos will be beneficial. And I'm going to go ahead and of course have some tea as I sign off. Thanks guys. I hope you enjoy the videos.

SEO Talk and Tea Episodes

March 5, 2021

Transcript Hi guys, and welcome to another edition

March 4, 2021

TranscriptHi guys. And welcome to another edition of

March 3, 2021

TranscriptHi guys, and welcome to another edition of

March 2, 2021

Transcript Hi guys. And welcome to another edition

March 1, 2021

Transcript Hi, guys. And welcome to another addition

January 23, 2021

Transcript Hi, guys, and welcome to another edition

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